The Great Turning Roadshow

a science and music experience for a sustainable world


 (It was GREAT! Thanks for asking 😋)

Our Mission

To provide audiences with a mind-blowing evening of entertainment: heart-filling live music, new perspectives on our place in the cosmos, and a renewed sense of purpose facing global crises.

Old Friends

JD Stillwater and Darryl Purpose have been friends since 1986, when they walked from L.A. to D.C. with The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament. More at the About page. 


The Roadshow is live music, mind-blowing science, conversation, video and images, interactivity, and audience participation.


Darryl Purpose

Darryl Purpose is an award-winning singer-songwriter and performer, with ten albums released (and counting). He’s also in the blackjack hall of fame, and sounds like James Taylor.

JD Stillwater

JD Stillwater is a science ambassador with a gift for making difficult science concepts easy, fun, profound, memorable, and life-changing. He’s also an accomplished percussionist and jumps off cliffs.

Bring Us!

You can bring JD and Darryl to your town, your venue, your place of worship. To learn more, click the BOOK NOW button.