Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of venue is required?

Any space that works for live music is fine. We’ll need a screen, smartboard, or large TV for multimedia, and a PA with at least three inputs. We can bring a projector, if needed. 

What will we actually see?

Two men alternating playing guitars and drums with sharing mind-blowing truths about how the natural world works, and lessons we could learn from it, with the songs and science merging seamlessly together to move and inspire you.

You might leave the experience with a different perspective on, and feeling about, your place on Earth and in the cosmos. 

Is it family-friendly?

Yes. It’s not designed for young children, but there’ll be no cause for cringing or ear-covering. 

How much does it cost?

$2,500. The sponsoring host may choose to sell tickets, seek grants, or accept donations, so the cost to attendees will vary. 

How do I find out more?

Use the Contact tab. It’s a simple GoogleForm. Ask anything and one of us will get back to you ASAP. 

Where's your calendar of upcoming shows?

A great question! We don’t have any shows yet. We did a test-run in June of 2022, which was a blast, but then we took a year to think about it and to finish other projects. So contact us. 


Is the bus real?

It’s as real as photo-editing tools can make it. So, no; it’s not real. We’re afraid it’s only a dream for now. Plus, if we ever have a tour bus like that, it will have to be a plug-in electric. With just two of us, it’ll probably be a lot smaller. Like maybe a Prius.