The Great Turning Roadshow

a science and music experience for a sustainable world


Best thing that’s popped up in my facebook feed in a long time!

K.J. (livestream)

I’m grinning ear to ear watching JD and Darryl together.

Dreams do come true… and for the good of the earth.

❤️ Gratitude.

d.H. (livestream)

Soooo wonderful to be with you …. Thanks so much for sharing.

K.K. (livestream)

I just watched FIRST THURSDAY March 2, 2023 – The Great Turning Roadshow with JD Stillwater. Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The songs by Darryl Purpose blew me away. Thanks for bringing this series to my attention.

T.F. (livestream)

I love this discussion about the stories that we tell – thank you both.

I.S. (livestream)

Wonderful presentation…

T.M. (livestream)